Image Skincare

Image is a cosmetic line of professional treatments and home care products developed for, and dedicated to, skin care professionals. Image Products reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, evens out the skin tone and illuminates the skin, restoring its youthful glow. It promotes skin renewal and leaves your complexion brightened and more radiant. 

Accelerate your beauty skin care program with these advanced anti-aging and corrective skin care spa treatments. After carefully evaluating your individual needs, our highly trained aestheticians will recommend the best professional skin care treatment. 


Cosmetics are the ultimate achievement of mineral skincare in the 21st century. Experience makeup that gives you more than just good looks as it colors, protects, corrects and perfects your skin. 

ColoreScience high performance cosmetics were created to remedy and camouflage specific skin concerns and protect skin from the damaging effects of the sun and environment. Completely free of the dyes, talcs, fillers, mineral oil, perfumes and other ingredients found in traditional lines, ColoreScience gives you beautiful results without disrupting healthy skin function. 

ColorScience encompasses the essence of color and the advancements in science to give your skin instant and long-lasting results. Read more about which Celebrities are using ColoreScience

Peau Vive Skincare

Peau Vive skincare products helps your skin gain flexibility, freshness and texture that makes you look and feel young again. It stimulates the skin’s regenerative powers with scientifically proven formulas developed by the highest standards of Italian culture and tradition.

Ocean + Skincare

Ocean + is a line of natural skin care products designed to provide the vital nutrients required for the purification and seamless functioning of the cells, glands, tissues, organs and blood vessels in your body. These are dermaceutical, nutraceutical and medical products primarily derived from marine sources. 


EyEnvy is an eyebrow and eyelash conditioner exclusively meant for those who want longer, thicker, beautiful lashes… 

EyEnvy also helps to prevent and repair negative effects and damage to your brows and eyelashes caused by abrasive cosmetics and adverse weather. 

Spa Ritual

Spa Ritual is a line of eco-luxury beauty products dedicated to living the good life. Spa Ritual offers the only vegan multipurpose system of spa products and treatments for body, hands, feet and nails. 

Athena Day Spa’s eco-conscious philosophy believes that one achieves true beauty through balance and harmony. Developed to treat the whole person, Spa Ritual perpetually explores not only the way to tread gently on the atmosphere but also balances women holistically with their product. 

From its conception, Athena Day Spa in Burnaby has been committed to creating eco-friendly products crafted to raise environmental awareness and cater to the conscious consumer. 

The utilization of vegetarian ingredients and eco-conscious packaging has been a central construct for the brand. Therefore, not only will you be pampering your body with the utilization of Spa Ritual product, but you will be benefiting the earth as well! 

Orly GelFX

With 68 of their top-selling colors so your inspiration never fades, from your fingers to your toes. Power packed with vitamins, Gel FX is no ordinary gel manicure system. Antioxidant vitamins A & E help to promote healthy nails while pro-vitamin B5 protects the structure of the natural nail. Ask for ORLY GelFX manicures and discover how you can have nice looking nails and at the same time nourish and protect! 

We provide excellent nail care tips for your fingernails for very affordable prices. Once you come to us, you will be proud of your lovely nails and their stunningly beautiful looks. 

enVogue Sculptured Gel Nails

Non-toxic, highest quality gel resin on the market; gives you a strong, flexible nail that lets your natural nails flourish unlike other products that weaken and harm the nail.

en Vogue product in non-yellowing and sealed against fungus. The UV curing used by en Vogue is considered environmentally friendly, and does not produce any harmful radiatio or emissions that could harm the skin or natural nails.

Our certified professional nail technician has over 15 years’ experience using en Vogue products and provides excellent nail care at affordable prices. She will shape to your nail without the excess thickness of other products giving you the most natural looking sculptured nails.


Allpresan products are award-winning and sophisticated dermatological foot care.

Its products are designed to address the specific needs of dry and very dry skin. Products are specifically formulated and recommended for diabetics and Baby Boomers.

The advantage of Allpresan foot care foams: 

  • Moisturizes and strengthens the skin’s protective barrier
  • Rapidly absorbed, without an unpleasant oily film – clothes can be put on quickly after application
  • Does not clog pores
  • Let’s the skin “breathe”
  • Does not impair the natural functions of the skin
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Great value
  • Free of colourings and preservatives
  • Hygienic applicator and packaging
  • Suitable and recommended for diabetics
  • Patented Formulation


Athena Day Spa offers individualized treatments
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