Spa Ritual Polish

Spa Ritual is a line of eco-luxury beauty products dedicated to living the good life. Spa Ritual offers the only vegan multipurpose system of spa products and treatments for body, hands, feet and nails.

Athena Day Spa’s eco-conscious philosophy believes that one achieves true beauty through balance and harmony. Developed to treat the whole person, Spa Ritual perpetually explores not only the way to tread gently on the atmosphere but also balances women holistically with their product.

From its conception, Athena Day Spa in Burnaby has been committed to creating eco-friendly products crafted to raise environmental awareness and cater to the conscious consumer.

The utilization of vegetarian ingredients and eco-conscious packaging has been a central construct for the brand. Therefore, not only will you be pampering your body with the utilization of Spa Ritual product, but you will be benefiting the earth as well!

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